How to Deal With Clogged Pores

Many people suffer from clogged pores, and the result of this can range from an oily face to clogged poressevere acne. There are many different treatments available, some of them are very effective while others are more a waste of time than anything else. But there is no one solution for all, it will largely depend on your own skin as to what method of clearing clogged pores works best for you.

Pores become clogged with dead skin, oil from your skin, and dirt and pollution that our skin absorbs on a daily basis. If left un-cleaned, then this is when the problems start to occur. Some people’s pores clog quicker than others, but for everyone it is important to take daily measures to ensure that the skin and pores remain as clean as possible.

Some of the treatments you can use on your clogged pores will be in the form of soaps and creams, while there are also some natural methods that work just as well for some people too. It is important that you find the right solution for your skin and the condition and severity of your clogged pores. If you find that one treatment is not working to well after giving it a fair chance, then try something else.

clogged-pores-4aSteam cleaning clogged pores

One of the easiest home treatments for clogged pores is to steam clean your skin. This will open the pores on your face up and allow you to wash all of the dirt and dried skin cells away from the facial area. To start this process you will need to first of all clean your face thoroughly. If you have makeup on, use a makeup remover to wipe away any traces of it on your face and eyes.

Splash your face in warm water (not hot), and make sure you do this thoroughly so that any dirt and oil on the surface of the skin is wiped clean. When you dry your face, do so by patting the towel on your face lightly rather than rubbing it hard across your face. The next step is to heat a pot of water on the stove.

As soon as you start to see steam coming from the pot, remove it from the stove. You can either put the water into another bowl or leave it in the pot. To enhance the experience you can add different herbs such as peppermint or green tea into the water. If you have bad acne you can also add in some tea tree oil also.

Now you need to get a towel and place it over your head while you lean over the bowl or pot of steaming water. Leave your face over the bowl for about 10 minutes so it gives the steam plenty of chance to work into your skin and open up the pores. After about 10 minutes you should wash away the oil, dead skin and dirt that have come out of the pores with cold water.

Using a cream or soap

It is also a good idea to get yourself an effective cream or soap treatment that you can use on a OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAregular basis to keep your skin from clogging up. There are many different products available that treat clogged pores really effectively. Have a look around to see what is available and try one or two different types out to see what works best for you.

If you use a good quality product you will find that it will make a positive difference to your skin fairly quickly. Make sure you use the product regularly to stop the pores from clogging again. For people that live in cities, it is likely that their skin will absorb a lot of dirt and pollution very quickly, and clogged pores will happen a lot more frequently. So using the right treatments on a regular basis will definitely help the problem significantly.


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